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About Us

Established as the principal website producer at imagecoder, Geoff Kendall has a big influence on the way we do things. A veteran of over 200 digital media projects and BBC trained, he will be involved in almost every major project.

Most of our website photography is simply about getting the right objects in shot and capturing them from a sensible camera position - which is well within the capabilities of any of our production staff. All the same, bringing in the skills of a pro photographer can really take your site to the next level, so when budget allows and the need is there that is what we do.

We will always look to do most of the basic graphics work in-house, because that helps make the budget stretch further and speeds the production process significantly. Most web sites are built to use an existing logo, but if you need top drawer graphics input for a logo redesign or other high-profile image, we'll provide the necessary creative direction for a specialist professional.

The place we call home is Pateley Bridge, a small market town in the Yorkshire Dales. It is a great place to work, but it would be nice if it didn't get so cold in winter...